Through a natural process, salt condenses moisture out of the air. Himalayan Rock Salt USB Tiny WHITE Lamps NATURAL(Pakistan), Find complete details about white USB salt lamp,Mini USB salt lamps,snow white USB salt. They change color using multi colored LED lights inside. Condensation is a natural occurrence, but condensation on tempered glass can be. Made of Real Salt; All Natural Dehumidifier; Carved Design; Each Lamp is Unique. It can also cause stains and fungus growth on stored items like food, clothing and.

Natural Solution to Preventing Mildew & Mold in a Closet. This lamp will clean the air, promote relaxation and relieve stress, bringing positive energy into your bedroom. At times the lamp may become damp in humid areas, all that is needed is to wipe with a cloth. Dehumidifiers can be quite costly, when you think of the long term cost of running the. Humidity can cause excess mold in basements, garages, barns and attics. A dehumidifier works to pull extra moisture out of the air, but. Salt Candle Holder PAKISTAN ONYX MARBLE Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps connect to your computers usb port/s.
It is a natural dehumidifier

Made of Real Salt
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